Positive Work Environment = Success

Positive Work Environment = Success

What distinguishes good work from excellent work are not only high-rated products and services your company may provide, but also the people – the ones who contribute significantly to the organization’s earnings and value. Nothing is more important to a company than its staff; if your staff is happy, their productivity will rise. Employees become more motivated and involved when they are happy at work. A happy employee will generate more, be more creative, and work more effectively knowing that their job is valued and appreciated by their management.


How does a positive work environment contribute to organizational performance?


A positive working environment is unquestionably important for supporting employees’ mental and physical health, as well as increasing the motivation of the team and the company’s competitiveness. A gloomy working environment has a negative impact on both the individual and the organization, and the following disadvantages are produced: poor corporate performance, employee health problems, absenteeism, resignations, and so on… A pleasant working environment not only attracts new recruits but also reduces employee absenteeism and improves performance. If efforts are being made by the employer, you, as an employee, can take action to improve the working environment as well, regardless of the position you occupy. But ultimately, the employer is the one mainly responsible for the preservation of the employees’ mental and physical health and safety.

At present time, we live in a world shaken by change; pressures in the workplace are rising, but so is the pursuit of employee welfare. Productivity and corporate standing are becoming increasingly essential, thus topics linked to job development appear attractive. For several years, there has been considerable disagreement over the relationship between a positive work environment and job performance. According to studies, happy employees are less sick, less absent, more fulfilled, more productive, and more creative than unhappy employees. ​​A healthy working environment emphasizes employees’ psychological well-being and is encouraged by policies, programs, and organizational culture across the workplace. It increases teamwork, staff morale, and overall productivity, and decreases staff stress.


Today, there is no such thing as a ‘subordinate employee’ or ‘obedient employee’; corporations have become free as a result of the fast-paced digital environment that we currently live in. Companies must meet the aspirations of a new generation seeking inspiration, acknowledgment, and fulfillment in their job. New management methods are being developed that put people at the center; at some firms, psychoanalysts are being hired to simply try and make employees happier.


As for the employees, the digitization process has allowed them to broaden their worldview and compare and analyze their workplace in new ways; their expectations are no longer the same as they used to be. We are living in a period of transition, with a shift in employee behavior and desire. As a result, it is critical that the work environment be supportive of both employers and employees.

Promoting positivity at work is a winning approach since making employees feel appreciated, motivated, safe, engaged, and heard contributes to their well-being. Companies must then adjust by presenting new working techniques and adopting new management practices, but the primary challenge is accepting change: Staff expectations are different and companies need to adapt to remain effective.


Are you eager to create a great working atmosphere for your employees? Here are some pointers to help you get there.


Every employer is required to:


  • Pay attention to your employees and provide them with valuable performance feedback.
  • Ensure a fair salary.
  • Respect labor laws.
  • Make room for expansion.
  • Encourage work/life balance and flexibility.
  • Build team spirit.
  • Promote mental health
  • Maintain a professional attitude in the workplace.
  • Invest in the training and development of its staff.
  • Ensure that all necessary tools are available to employees.
  • Invest in the hiring of a strong management team.
  • Implement policies and activities that boost employee morale.


In summary, a happy workplace has significant benefits on staff productivity and performance, hence increasing a company’s competitive advantage.


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