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If you want to communicate a message to the public, attract them with a product or service, or capture their attention towards a certain issue, you must have a memorable logo. Are you looking to rebrand your business? Are you about to embark on a new endeavour? Is your company introducing a new product? A memorable logo for your company defines who you are while making a great impression, retains your existing customers and attracts new ones, helps you stand among competitors and generates trust and professionalism.


Think smart and hire a skilled logo design agency in Dubai.
Remember, your business is unique and your logo should reflect that.


Your company’s logo is the central element of your visual identity: It’s your company’s first figure, it should be aesthetic and available on all your means of communication (print or network) and memorized at first glance as soon as they look at it. But it must have a great ability to influence the public and be consistent with the transitions of the current era.


Of course, you’ve heard of logo generator applications and the ability to create logos for free. But how does a randomized logo convey your company’s values, history, concept, and authenticity? How do you ensure it reaches your target audience? We advise you not to waste time, creating a logo cannot be done randomly, and that’s a key reason to hire a logo design agency in Dubai for a bold and beautiful visual identity. If you are hoping for a unique logo, we at Astronaut Marketing Agency, the best logo design agency in Dubai, are fully ready to tailor specially for you relevant and distinctive logo designs with 100% satisfaction helping you shine in the market and leaving the competition in the backyard. 


A few pieces of advice from the best logo design agency in Dubai


Creating a logo is a good thing, but a distinctive logo that reflects your company’s image and values as well as delivers your message to the target audience is much better!

The main advantages of a successful logo designed by a well-known logo design agency in Dubai are: better recognition, enhancing brand impact, loyalty more effectively, attractive bright and professional identity.


The strong and successful logo conveys the intended message and the identity of the company it represents, therefore it should have the below five main characteristics:



  • Memorable: A great logo should be easy to recognize and at the same time be remembered. Make sure your logo perfectly represents your brand. It has to be embedded in your customers’ minds so they can remember the existence of your business. Don’t try to copy another brand logo, but create a unique one designed especially for you. 
  • Simple: The logo should not contain too many elements. If it’s so complicated, people will have trouble identifying it and linking it to your business. So make sure to create a simple, clear and precise logo for efficiency and understanding. 
  • Timeless: The logo should be effective, appropriate and valid for years. Companies don’t change their logos every month or every year. The aim of the logo is to give your company a strong image in a simple way and to easily enter people’s minds. Visual identification requires long-term effort and action. That’s why it’s important to create a timeless logo that can withstand every generation. 
  • Multi-purpose: Since the logo has to be displayed many times and to be usable on every means of communication, website, poster, business cards, etc… It was therefore important not to create a logo of too many dimensions and colours. Make sure you also create a logo that can be used in black and white and in colour. The logo has to be effective and capable of circulating across all media and programs and able to operate in all horizontal and vertical formats. 
  • Special: to make your brand unique, make sure you create an unmatched logo. Your goal is to develop a brand identity that is private to your company and that stands out among your competitors and for sure this cannot be done without the expertise of a top branding agency in Dubai 
  • Appropriate: If you’re designing a logo for a company that sells children’s toys the font and colours must be “childlike” to suit its field, for example, we don’t use formal fonts for a contracting or clothing company.


Ahead of current market trends, a logo design agency in Dubai to elevate your brand.


The world of design is constantly changing, and the trends that prevailed yesterday are being changed. Thanks to the designers who strive to develop their creations constantly. Free of existing constraints, they seek to stand out and thus bring with them many changes in the design trends.


In 2022, slogans became bolder to adapt to changes in the world and to shape the new aesthetic. Here are some of this year’s logo hymns that we started designing in Astronaut agency, the best logo design agency in Dubai.



  • Tall logos: the great advantage of these slogans is that they adapt more easily to the majority of advertising media. A practical and economic interest, because you don’t need to create a new version of the same logo for every media platform! 
  • Blurred logos: logically, we expect the logo to be read. However, this utility does not seem to be the main concern of the year. Although readability did not appear to be a priority, it was still necessary as without it the consumer has no chance of understanding the purpose of the logo. So the challenge here is to find the right balance between the blur and the clarity of the message. For example, it is possible to only blur the edges of the letters, leaving the main body of the word readable. 
  • Candy Colors logos; colour is still the best way to stand out and draw attention. The candy colour appears to impose itself among the graphical trends of 2022. These candy colour logos are ideal for dynamic communication, optimism and energy, and are quite the opposite of Pastel colours that tend to be quiet. Here, we are trying to awake the senses! 
  • Serif Logos; the debate between the Serif and San Serif is endless. The serif lines are less readable, more traditional and formalistic, or even conservative.
  • Art Deco Logos; The much nominated 1920s style offers elegant designs, these logos look classy, yet modern and resilient, adaptable to any design.


Astronaut Marketing Agency, a full-service branding & Logo design agency in Dubai, the secret behind the ay unique visual identity


Hire Astronaut, a reputable logo design agency in Dubai, and rest assured that you’ll achieve monumental success.


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