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The ideal e-commerce website development agency, the secret behind your dreams e-shop

Do you want to set up an e-commerce website and start selling online? Simply dreaming of an online store that’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, increases your sales and hence your revenue? Get ready for this great adventure!


There’s growing popularity of online shopping which is a quick and easy way for customers to make purchases directly from the comfort of their homes, where they can compare products from different brands, and find what they need from any country in the world, in short, continental shopping.


Your presence on the Web is so remarkably positive that it increases your chances of being found by potential customers who often start shopping with online searches.


Now that you’ve decided to start your project, have you selected which e-commerce website development agency you’re going to hire? There are plenty of options available on the market, but it is better to choose the best among the top e-commerce agencies.


Why do you have to hire a specialized e-commerce website development agency to create your own e-commerce website just like the Astronaut marketing agency?


Developing a professional e-commerce website is a long and complex procedure, and thanks to our team of experts who can offer you a good deal that is well adapted to your budget and thus rapidly increases your sales. We’re Astronaut marketing agency, an e-commerce website development agency that specializes in creating e-commerce sites, we have all the necessary skills to manage the entire project of creating or redesigning your site. Be fully confident that we can support you in carrying out your project, our various areas of expertise in website creation, precision market studies, social media management, and digital strategies allow us to accompany you from the beginning to the success of your future online store.


As an e-commerce website development agency, we are pleased to share with you the 2022 trends of e-commerce, which will enhance your brand image!


Social selling or social trade is always upfront! Social selling, formerly limited to large accounts, has become popular in recent years, and now offers many possibilities for marketing the products of large traders as well as smaller ones. 


Social selling has been well-evolved and is targeted at all sectors and audiences through tools adapted and planned for this purpose, precision targeting… Today, the consumer can buy directly from a social platform, for example, Instagram shopping offers an index for the traders with the possibility of tagging products on publications. Instagram is not the only channel offering these kinds of options, but it’s the strongest today compared to TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube and Facebook. Instagram allows you to take the users directly to your websites by providing a direct link to your electronic site, which will enable you to attract customers, create conversations and sell products.


You like the idea and you’re interested in developing your website and linking it to your other social media channels, so what are you waiting for? Get in touch with a professional e-commerce website development agency.


  • Personalized delivery: the key to online sales is that delivery is taking more and more place in procurement decisions. With fast delivery, Pickup points and Click & Collect, consumers like to customize delivery options according to their habits.


  • Video: the new weapon for serving your e-commerce customers. Video has become a key part of e-commerce practices, whether it’s a marketing tool or an optional customer surveillance tool, text and images have given way to video, which has become more personal, closer and more client-friendly. Whether it’s to market a product on social networks, to create a life on the website, or also to increase the level of customer service. The video allows you to accompany your clients, facilitate the use of your site, make purchases and thus address all the problems of the public, which, of course, will lead to greater efficiency. Did you start switching videos to accompany your clients to your website? If not, hurry up and get in touch with Astronaut marketing agency, a reputable ecommerce website design company in the UAE.


  • Re-trade: Today, the giants of online sales are investing in this sector. Brands are selling their old “second hand” collections directly in their stores. 


  • The importance of consumption in local production, today people are very interested in buying local products primarily for their quality and to support local businesses.


  • The AR would break down barriers to shopping. Thanks to technological advances, brands have invested in enhanced virtual reality, allowing consumers to always try, consume and buy despite the impossibility of travelling to the store. If you didn’t add that to your e-commerce website yet, you won’t stand up to your competitors in the market, so we advise you to hire an agency specialized in e-commerce website development in Dubai to keep up with the latest trends.


  • Sound search; voice assistants are an integral part of our daily lives and most clients use them to look for a product. Whether in the form of connected speakers or integrated into smartphones, the stature of these audio devices becomes increasingly important with a real trademark challenge.


  • Artificial intelligence for reverse image-based research, some consumers have a very specific idea of the product they’re looking for. In order to make the best commercial process possible, by entering a picture into Google, users can find similar or even identical products, thus finding electronic stores that sell the same product. Units and extensions now allow the search for product references from an online image. The future of e-commerce will be visual so better to redesign your website now by hiring a reliable e-commerce website development agency.


  • Teleshopping will come back strong: it’s the possibility of buying a product that is displayed live directly and remotely. In 2019, it was NBC experimented with teleshopping with an app that allows viewers to buy the products seen on television live on their smartphones. Since then, the wave of live trade has spread and been developed on Instagram, and TikTok should also start. There will be bright days for the new e-commerce customer experience, so don’t stay in your place and get the support of an e-commerce website development agency to stay ahead and keep up with the new trends.


Why choose Astronaut the best e-commerce website development agency?


We are an agency specialized in e-commerce website development in UAE. Every e-commerce site we create is the result of a joint effort of our designers, developers, strategists and digital marketing specialists. Be sure that you will own a fully functioning, high-performance, user-friendly site, and that’s how we get our customers’ credit and confidence. With our extraordinary team designing e-commerce websites, our solutions serve as a reliable and sustainable e-shop for any business. Websites adapted to all devices that use responsive design or mobile-friendly elements to ensure access to electronic commerce at all times. 


You’ll get the website you’ve always dreamed of! 


Get to know more about us by visiting our website www.astronaut.ae 

Call us on +971 50 484 5399 or send an email to info@astronaut.ae 



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