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Digital marketing agencies are now becoming more powerful and increasingly competing, especially in high-potential projects. In this article, we’re going to talk specifically about the performance marketing agency. What are these agencies and how do they work to develop your business?


What’s performance marketing?


It is a marketing strategy in which payment is made only when a specific goal is achieved, not before the campaign begins. In other words, marketing performance comes into effect only when the campaign produces clear and measurable results. This marketing can be used in a variety of ways, and the tools and processes used in this area are specific to each area or agency. A content editor can choose to include an advertisement on a request, service or other product by requesting a specified number of clicks or viewing a specific percentage of the video.


Performance marketing is popular as a way of doing profitable business for all. Using this marketing technique, brands target individuals who are likely to purchase their products or services. This allows each party to conduct truly well-calculated advertising campaigns based on its performance and operations, allowing businesses to feel confident that their funds are spent efficiently when they attract their target audience even before payment.


In the digital marketing world, the performance marketing agency works most to bring tangible investment returns to its customers. But finding the right performance marketing agency for your business is the hardest part.


Being a performance marketing agency, why do we recommend this kind of marketing?


– Digital advertising is the fastest-growing sector.
– Based on research and studies, every dollar invested in marketing performance makes $11 a profit.
– 93% of companies using this marketing are satisfied with it and recommend it.
– Marketing performance opens up good opportunities.
– Capacity to use multiple channels on the Internet at the same time: email marketing, social advertising, advertising posters, etc.


Here are the most prominent performance marketing channels used by a performance marketing agency


The performance marketing agency in Dubai uses a range of channels to maximize its marketing efforts, among which are:

  • Display ads – by displaying rich ads such as images, audio, video, text, and advertising banners infrequently visited locations.
  • Local advertising – integrating your ads into their environment, imitating the design, content and writing style of a particular web page, such as Buzzfeed.
  • Search engine marketing – including advertising on search engine pages when entering certain keywords, such as Google, Bing and Firefox.
  • Social media marketing – advertising on various social media platforms to increase visibility and traffic, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Affiliated marketing – a marketing activity in which the business owner gives the marketer a bonus commission for each visitor or customer who purchases from the site, with the efforts of the marketer to achieve an agreed objective and compensation.
  • Amazon ads – digital advertising for company products and services that want to raise brand awareness, generate sales and improve loyalty. Similar to how Google’s search works, when you write a keyword in an Amazon search box and the results come out, some of the best results will be sponsored publications, and these are considered Amazon ads. They are referred to by an accurate “sponsored” or “declared.” Advertisers who wish to get a greater offer of their products on Amazon can pay for these locations by bidding for specific keywords, which will increase their appearance in Amazon SERPs. The advertiser will then be charged a cost when the shopper clicks on his ad.


How to choose the right performance marketing agency?


We all take into account the opinions of the clients who have already dealt with the performance marketing agency UAE as well as the results that the agencies have achieved for their clients and the creativity of the designs that appear on the websites that the performance marketing agency has worked on. But it’s also better to consider different criteria when appointing your new performance marketing agency in Dubai.


First, in terms of the service you’ll be getting, will the performance marketing agency offer you media opportunities across a variety of channels and platforms or just across one platform? Does this performance marketing agency provide strong strategic advice as part of its services, or is it simply activating what your internal marketing team does? Is the core team composed of individuals with sufficient experience and seniority to lead your account? Is the Agency’s support team (customer service, client managers, and project managers) large enough to provide you with high-quality practical support? Does the performance marketing agency have old employees who will handle your project, or does it change the staff every few months? That’s a very important point, you’re not going to accept handing over your account to a new person every once in a while.


Now you have to evaluate the performance marketing agency, has it ever worked with a similar company in the same sector? That’s to simply know the extent of its experience in your field. Don’t be afraid to also ask for agency figures and results-based case studies showing real returns.


And finally, we’ll talk about the value of the potential performance marketing agency. Experience is more important than certification, but it does not prevent the agencies from being certified by Google and Facebook, which increases their value and opens up opportunities for them on major communication networks. It’s also better for the marketing agency to offer other services such as design, web development, social media management, SEO and other services, and to have connections with other media partners and large networks that might benefit you.


Here are the models offered by a performance marketing agency and you’ve certainly heard about


  • Cost per click (CPC): you only pay for the number of clicks on your ad.
  • Cost per Thousand (CPM), is one of the most common methods of payment in performance marketing and is based on the number of impressions.
  • Cost per lead (CPL), the cost perchance, here the customer must go beyond just clicking on an ad but taking additional steps, such as subscribing to the newsletter.
  • Cost per acquisition (CPA), where you only pay for every acquisition when the customer finishes the purchase, this model is the most expensive but the most effective.
  • Cost per install (CPI), the payment in this model is determined by application downloads.


Stop wasting time and money, it’s your chance to hire the best performance marketing agency in the United Arab Emirates…


Now that you’ve finished reading the article, are you interested in performance marketing to increase your brand awareness and grow your business?


You deserve reliable partners, to improve your customer satisfaction on a daily basis. Our team is professional, effective, client-oriented, and ensures you’re well served every day…


We are Astronaut marketing agency, your digital expert that develops the best digital strategies to scale your business to the highest levels!

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