2022 Modern User Experience Trends

2022 User Experience Trends


Today, companies are undergoing major changes and share a common ambition: Digital transformation. Statistics confirm that 48% of clients spend more when they benefit from personal experience. So businesses must now provide a simple, clear, and visually attractive journey for customers.


The importance of modern user experience is growing over time, it’s a key standard if you want to be found on search engines. Your UX design affects your Google ranking as it is now one of the most important factors of Google’s algorithm. The modern user experience design is a never-ending process that always requires updating, it’s absolutely essential that websites meet the users’ expectations through a clear browsing experience.


The modern user experience is not only related to its appearance, but also to the characteristics that make up user interactions, referring here to creating consumers’ experiences that are personal, meaningful, and valuable. Getting inside the user’s mind and defeating all the confusion and questions is the goal of UX. This target is increasingly emphasized in the modern era, which concerns not only impressions but experiences that last.


There are basic principles of modern user experience, starting with simplicity in modern design which enables users to move easily, for example, 1 button instead of 3, and maintaining consistency of colors and components throughout the page or application to facilitate navigation. Now, what about building user confidence? Listen to users’ opinions, give them a sense of control. Don’t put them in situations where they feel stuck at a certain point and provide them with answers about every obstacle they can face on your website.


The website responsiveness and familiarity is also a major factor where users can interact along with consistent processes, and it’s followed by the download speed. Can you wait on a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load? Of course not, 50% of users leave immediately. Automation is an essential concept also, it is ensuring that users have a smart experience geared towards increasing productivity as well as mobility, i.e. providing solutions available through all mobile devices.


But there are some practices required to achieve applying the principles we talked about. The best practices of modern user experience are motivating the designers, because a really right design strategy may turn into a disaster if designers are talented but just unhappy with their jobs. Keep motivating them and they’ll create extraordinary products. Giving equal value to each interaction on your site is another good practice also.


And now, here are the modern user experience trends you should keep an eye out for in 2022.


This year will be very exciting for the modern user experience, and with artificial intelligence working with data faster and efficiently, UX design is evolving significantly in a way that benefits both users and businesses. Whether it’s bringing excitement and adventure to the page through creative scrolling, data visualization, emotional sharing, or simply creating smooth and personal experiences, these trends in modern user experience design work with and for users.


-People respond to storytelling and it’s not a secret. We see this tool as one of the notable modern user experience design trends. The more the users know the full history of the brand the more likely they are to trust the company.


– As mobile phones are developing and screen sizes change, designers will need to find solutions for users to access the navigation list, which is usually located at the top of the screen. This year, we’ll see the modern user experience designers play with the navigation-navigation mode, so the main buttons are up, but where the options of the main page are found below and users will access navigation elements by thumb.


– The voice user interfaces have recently had more emphasis – the use of audio software. That is why it is necessary to ensure a good user experience not necessarily according to the “screen first” approach, but rather according to the “voice-first” approach or, at least, both.


– Design elements that provoke an emotional response from users. For example, animations that create experiences that resemble human interactions and characters that congratulate the users when they succeed or give them prizes. Through these experiences, users will have memorable overall interactions.


– Adding graphs and maps, as well as vibrant colors, is an obvious way to strike a good balance between the information that the user may need, from summary to more detailed information. The balance between contrasting colors and accessible data and information creates a positive experience and participation for all users.



Now that you know the main recipe, are you ready for the secret sauce? We at Astronaut Marketing Agency can help you achieve your modern user experience vision. Get in touch with us!


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